• Population: 103,704 | Median Home Sale: $182,182 | Median Household Income: $59,149 | Median Commute: 26.00

Lewisville is a city in Denton County ,  Texas ,  United States . The  2000 United States Census  placed the city’s population at 77,737 and the  2010 Census  placed it at 95,290, making it one of the fastest-growing city populations in the United States. [5]  It occupies 36.4 square miles (94 km 2 ) of land and includes 6.07 square miles (15.7 km 2 ) of  Lewisville Lake [3]

Originally called Holford’s Prairie, the origins of Lewisville date back to the early 1840s. [6]  The arrival of the town’s first railroad in 1881 engendered its initial growth, and the expansion of the area’s transportation infrastructure spurred further development in the early part of the 20th century. [7]  Lewisville  incorporated  in 1925, and when construction of Lewisville Lake was completed in the 1950s, the city began to expand rapidly.

Lewisville’s consistently warm climate and proximity to Lewisville Lake has made it a recreational hub of the  Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex . The city’s municipal government, led by a nonpartisan city council, focuses its recreational and cultural investments on facilities such as Toyota of Lewisville Park and the MCL Grand Theater. The area’s transportation infrastructure has evolved around the  I-35 Corridor  along  Interstate 35E . The diversity of its population and industry has created a stable economic climate.  Lewisville Independent School District  provides most of the area’s public education programs.