The Time and Money Show

What is The Time and Money Show?

On the Time and Money Show, Jason Couch teams up with field specialists to give you inside info on how to arrange your life to work for you and make your time and money as efficient as possible!

Everyone has something on money, you can learn about money management all over, but we haven’t found much on time leverage, cost per hour, revenue per hour or your highest dollar activities vs your lowest dollar activities. His obsession with wasted time, energy, and money is how he continues to be one of the top real estate agents in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and maintain his highly efficient team at Epic National Realty.


Let Jason help you subdivide your energies, subdivide where you’re spending your time and get the highest “Return on Time” and “Return on Investment” with special guests every episode. Get inside info from specialists in fields such as: real estate, investments, mortgages, personal loans, taxes, time management and so much more!

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Podcast 1: Movement Mortgage

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